Which Asian Snacks Should You Hoard for the Next Big Game?

The experience of watching the most awaited sports game with fellow enthusiasts is like no other! The level of energy and excitement can’t be matched when a big group of friends gather to support their favorite team.

But of course, it’s not just about the game! Half of the experience depends on the snacks you munch on while keeping your gaze locked to the screen, afraid you’d miss a significant moment if you even blinked.

If you’re planning a game screening at your house, make sure you get these Asian snacks to make the day even more exciting!

Pepero White Cookie Sticks

If you like Hershey’s cookies, you’re going to love the white chocolate cookie sticks by Pepero. Not only it’s an easy to eat snack, which makes it perfect for the game screening, but it also has the most amazing texture. The snack is covered by sweet white chocolate and chocolate cookie chunks; we’re sure anyone who likes anything cookies and cream flavored is going to love snacking on these.

Paldo Crab Chips

Looking to munch on something crunchy with all the fried goodness? Try the Paldo crab chips! They are the perfect sweet and salty snacks that’ll be loved by anyone who likes crab in all its forms, chilled or grilled.

Lotte Custard Cakes

These cup cakes by Lotte are sweet, soft and fluffy; on top of that they’re filled with rich and delicious custard that satisfies your sweet tooth in the best way possible! Lotte custard cakes can be eaten as a breakfast treat or a dessert. You can even enjoy them with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Rice Cracker

Rice crackers are every Asian kid’s childhood staple. There’re light and crunchy, and coated with different flavors of delicious seasonings. Don’t be ashamed if you happen to finish the whole packet in just one sitting, we know how difficult it is to stop yourself once you’ve started munching on them.

Honey Butter Chips

Honey Butter Chips

Honey butter chips were first released in February 2015 and since then there sales are worth 23 billion won, that’s 20.3 million dollars! The rich honey butter flavor of the snacks took Korea by a storm with its release, and it’s always sold out in stores as people buy them in stock. They just don’t want to run out of them!

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