Korean Food Recipe: – Beef Teriyaki

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Korean Food Recipe: – Beef Teriyaki

– Beef
– Spring Mix
– Egg (1)
– Tomato
– Teriyaki Sauce

Cooking Steps

1. You’ll have to prepare a lot of vegetables because it will make the liver stronger. Please rinse thoroughly and hold the sieve to dry the water. I had a spring mix, and it contained some vegetables like lettuce and chicory. If you do not have it, you can either use regular salad greens or just tear or cut lettuce.


2. The core is the source and it looks pretty simple. I made it easy to use the tsuyu without complicating the Gatsu-osushi-yaki, but I am proud that the taste is just as good as any other Japanese-style house. Many people think that teriyaki sauce is sweet if you put soy sauce into sweet soy sauce, but if you feel that something is 2% short, please make sure you make all the ingredients I wrote. Put all the teriyaki sauce ingredients in a pan and boil them.


3. Is the amount of meat less than you think? I tried to eat a lot of vegetables and deliberately got less amount of meat. Please cut it off properly.


4. Bake in a roasted baking pan with nothing to put on a frying pan.


5. Pour the teriyaki sauce that has been boiled and boil it until it becomes sticky like the picture below.


6. If possible, spread salad greens broadly with shallow bowls or plates.


7. Put rice in the middle, 2/3 scope and 1 scope.

8. I put the beef on teriyaki sauce over rice, but if you put a lot of meat on it, you can make it with any amount of vegetables.

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