Ramen: The Ultimate Snack For Student-Life?

Ramen: The Ultimate Snack For Student-Life?

Instant ramen was first invented by Momofuku Ando in the year 1958. Today, it is made in 11 countries and the dish has widened its horizons to the global community.

An inexpensive and hearty snack on its own, ramen has gained increasing popularity over the years. It has become the most favored snack of millions around the world and students in particular, love it as they can quickly ready it in the midst of their busy schedules. You can also customize it as you wish, and make it as tastier or healthier as you want.

Below we will discuss why ramen is the ultimate snack for student life:

It’s Cheap

Let’s be honest, when you’re a student, you’re almost always broke. You struggle with finances, and oftentimes, can’t afford to spend much on food. This is where ramen noodles come in. They’re considerably cheap to buy, and are all things delicious as well. They’re rich in flavor and aroma, and satisfy your appetite in all the right ways.

Instant ramen noodles mean you won’t have to compromise on taste just because you’re eating on a budget.

They’re quick to make

Student life is hectic. You’re always loaded with assignments and lectures and usually have no energy left to cook when you get home. This is where ramen noodles come to the rescue for many students who face exhaustion on a daily basis.

They’re quick to make and require no more than a few minutes. They’re a fast and efficient snack for your laziest days and give you enough time to catch up on sleep or engage in a hobby. They’re also the best comfort food for many people. And we could all use some from time to time. That’s not to say that one should have ramen daily, but spoiling yourself once in a while doesn’t hurt anybody.

They’re dynamic

Ramen are also the perfect snacks for students as they come in an array of different varieties and flavors. When it comes to these delicious noodles, one can experiment with many flavors and can even add a personal touch to them by adding other ingredients.

The four main types of ramen flavors are Shio, Shoyu, Miso, and Tonkotsu. Shio is the conventional flavor of ramen soup, and most Western broths are of this type.


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4 Asian Snacks You Have To Try

4 Asian Snacks You Have To Try

Grocery shopping as a child was the most fun because you had to beg your parents to let you indulge in the snacks you just HAD to buy. But as an adult you soon realize, you don’t need anyone’s approval to buy as many snacks as you want. Your pantry never runs out of Ramen and you have no regrets about it.

There’s something about Asian snacks that just appeals to you even more when you’re grocery shopping. If you’ve never tried any Asian, then let us be the first ones to tell you- You’re really missing out! You’ve got all sorts of varieties available to you, whether you want salty or sweet, something that adds texture to your noodles or just tastes divine on its own, you name it.

We compiled a list of all the snacks you need to stock up on to be up to date.

Chinese Rice

Chinese Rice Krispie Treats

With these delicious shrimpy, crunchy bites, you won’t be able to have one and put it down. Ask anyone who had these as a child, the minute you bite into one, you feel like one all over again. They are seasoned in a signature Asian way and remind you of all things good and chewy.


It’s impossible for anyone to list their favorite Asian snacks and NOT talk about this one in particular. These are absolutely delicious sticks of biscuit that are covered with just the right amount of cream and come in different flavors like chocolate, strawberry, cookies and cream and matcha. The popular flavors have always been chocolate and strawberry though.

Yan Yan

These are also a crunchy biscuit variety that are a delight to eat. They come with a sort of dipping sauce and somehow the ratio of biscuits to cream is ALWAYS perfect. You can buy chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. One of the popular things to do as a child was to mix the three sauces and eat each biscuit that way. Those who are daring enough, would do it even after growing up, and that’s okay.

Gummy candies

Gummy candies or yummy candies? You decide! This Japanese version of gummy bears style jelly is easily the most satisfying thing to chew on at any given moment. They come in multiple fruity flavors and are very hard to share with others because you just want to eat them all on your own.

Indulge in these Asian snacks for a change and be reminded of your childhood memories. You can buy these Asian snacks on our online grocery store. Visit our website for more information.